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So you’ve been healed through the power of Reiki (or perhaps know someone who has) and maybe are now interested in healing others. My first experience with Reiki was out of this world, I mean literally. I felt an out-of-body experience that I have never felt before.  It’s better to experience the power of Reiki healing yourself, but it’s difficult to describe to others if they haven’t experienced it themselves. So if you’re reading this and haven’t had a Reiki session, I’d highly advise that you sign up for one!

Since my first experience with Reiki, I have become so fascinated with it and decided that I too wanted to help heal others.  I spent several hours on the web looking for Reiki schools in Los Angeles, and finally found the perfect suit for me. I immediately registered for the next available class, and was so eager for that day to come.

To start off, I took the Level 1 Reiki training Los Angeles and my experience with my first class training was great. Be prepared to have a full day dedicated to the class because it is basically an all-day event where you learn the first steps into Reiki energy healing. When I first walked into the class, I was greeted by several others from all walks of life that were in the class as well. My Reiki Schools Los Angeles Master was very inviting and had so much knowledge about Reiki.  Throughout the class we were introduced to three different videos and three different exercises that explained how to begin working with energy. Our Reiki Master explained in great detail what each exercise and each video was meant to help us learn and understand.
I learned so much in one day with my first Reiki classes Los Angeles that I eventually decided to take more classes afterwards. When you learn how to conduct Reiki, you also feel an energy flowing throughout your own body. I love that you are able to heal others all the while healing yourself! I’m so grateful that I have been able to learn and share this gift with others, especially with my family and friends. They were my guinea pigs, but now they come to me all the time when they feel they need some energy healing.

The important thing to know about becoming a Reiki Master is that you don’t need to be gifted or have “special powers”. The Reiki Schools Los Angeles will teach you how to be the best Reiki master, and if you ever have any doubts about anything, they will be sure to give you an answer. What’s better than being able to heal yourself while healing others? Nothing! With Reiki healing, your demeanor and outlook on life is so much better and you have this positive energy that is always around you. And other people feed off this energy.

Enough reading about my story, it’s time for you to get up and sign up for your local Reiki classes Los Angeles. Classes are offered year around and are available in many locations. I promise you won’t regret taking one of these classes!

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Reiki Training Los Angeles

Reiki Classes Los Angeles

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Carlos Caridad

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